The Great Service For The Newly Decoration Lovers: Interior Design Terms Dictionary from A to Z

The Great Service For The Newly Decoration Lovers: Interior Design Terms Dictionary from A to Z

If you have started to stare empty walls and carpets on the floor, to surf in Pinterest which is the home decor inspiration heaven of our age, it is time to make some difference at home!
Even if you have no idea about the world of interior design, don't roll your arms without checking out our interior design terms dictionary that will guide and help you to get into making changes in your home!

Art Deco
The design movement, which you will remember from all the places in The Great Gatsby movie, is called Art Deco style. Bright surfaces, mirrors, glittery chandeliers and flashy furniture are the most memorable applications of this style. Also black and white floor tiles are remarkable.

Boho - chic
The boho-chic movement, which has become very popular in recent years, is known as the trend of design, blending ethnic and bohemian pieces with eye-catching and luxurious pieces.

Country style
Inspired by Englidh cottages. The country style is the result of changing the dark colors of British houses with light tones of the American beach house style.

The term "DIY", consisting of the initials of "do it yourself", is the motto of those who want to use their creativity and handcraft in home.

Industrial style
The design movement has occurated with the transformation of some hangars and warehouses into studios by artists in New York.The red brick walls, concrete plasters, metal accessories and of course free spaces with high ceilings are indispensable.

Faux fur
"Faux fur", which has made its mark on the last few seasons and has approved by animal lovers, expresses the softest faux furs in both fashion and interior design.

Scandinavian style
The Scandinavian style, which is a simple, comfortable and functional style and spread all over the world with IKEA, is a timeless style that is always open to creativity.

The Jungalow trend, formed by the combination of “jungle” and “bungalow”, is a style with bohemian and ethnic items as well as the intensive use of home plants.

Metal deco
Especially in Scandinavian and industrial style, it finds a place more than enough. These are the designs which are very suitable for almost every interior style with its simplicity and formed by laser cutting of metal material.

Pop Art
Pop-Art is an art movement that launched in 1960s. It can be created in a combination with vibrant colors, graphic patterns, collage artworks, bright lacquered surfaces and rounded furniture.

Rustic style
The rustic style that exposes naturalness and experience as the main, includes solid wood with natural stone walls, hand-woven fabrics, leathers and hand-made details in its sophisticated style.

Shabby Chic
Shabby chic which is combining different and incompatible items and more romantic & bohemian version of English country style, is one of the popular styles in these days.

The vintage items and furniture that we can describe as "belongs to retrospectivity" are used in this style. Old rugs, dried flowers, antique stuff like a pickup are mostly seen.


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