About Us

Hoagard is a brand that formed by the idea "Design Warehouse";


Hoagard Warehouse was founded in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs in Denizli Turkey. Ali Bedrettin Boz and Çağrı Ayten had a new hobby with design and application works. In fact, Ali has not created only a new domain with his partner Çağrı Ayten but also, they created a new topic on interior design. The idea was; “Those should be used as the decoration products on the walls of thousands of houses around the world.” The first step of the adventure begins with design and it is useful to remind its sources "which is called as inspiration". Hoagard Warehouse has been putting emphasis on nature during its daily works since 2014. The motto "Inspired by nature" was created as offer to the nature of human with the reflections of it. For example, the first concept “art” is referring to the elements of life, second concept “ratio” appeared as the main unit of the consistent result, nextly the third concept; architecture shown as a baseline on the design factor of the created technique... All these three concepts came together as a reasonable circle. Naturally it will be sufficient to say that it is the invention. So what is the product of this invention? Simply merge of these three main concepts; Metal Wall Art with the aesthetics and the gorgeous ratio.


So how is it possible to make these complicated designs easy to use and cover the walls? The answer is hidden hint in the "minimalism" concept which is one of the greatest currents of 21st century and which has become a lifestyle in time. All the products covered by lines and designs meet with the sharp contrast color giving some sense of meaning and a new form by typographical or geometrical adornment. The most popular product, the Geometric Metal World Map will be an excellent example of that.


Just now, Hoagard designs have signed to a different business domain with metal materials on wood named Hoagard Wooden Metal Products. It also received so many good feedbacks with the Hoagard Framed Poster. This category is a new member between the others and contains many designs that different patterns and Hoagard designs come together with metal products in the rustic frames. Followers are telling that this product holding a large contrast which causes a surprising fact. They just believed that these two visuals coexist and the print side of Hoagard metal design is really made of metal. That's why Hoagard pleases to see the good intentions and variated comments or opinions about the inspiration or effects! In the E-commerce volume, the products sold in the Leather and Oldschool Poster on the website are supplied by the designer and the brand owners themselves.


Together with humility and dedication, Hoagard will continue from where it has achieved all the success in 2018.




Hoagard Team, 2018


Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

Green & Blue Friendly
🏆 Design Awarded Product Box Project

Sustainability is not just a word for us! Our products are the best proof of this fact with their lifetime durability and their rewarded upcycle box design project. For this reason, Hoagard's 50x50cm and 50x70cm boxes are home to birds, 70x100cm boxes are home to cats. Instead of throwing the product boxes out, you can cut them off from the prints and join the pieces together to create a new house for our friends. 

🌏 We do design for living on a clean planet!

✨ Inspiration

Together with the best designers, we choose the best for you that create a remarkable atmosphere in your home. Our inspiration comes from our passion to explore the world and nature itself. Our focus is to work hard on discovering new ambitious ideas that give your walls a spirit. Build your own style with our wall art collection.