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Our Story

The story of our brand HOAGARD has begun in 2014. The north star on our logo
symbolizes the innovative and leading characteristic of our brand. This north
star has always shown us our way through our journey. It will continue shining
and we believe that this light will lead us to the one of a kind art works.

" All these times, the nature has always been our greatest motivation and our main source to design our art. "

DIY product boxes
Turn your boxes to pet houses

We're dedicated to quality and thoughtful design. So that Hoagard' s 50x50 cm boxes are home to birds, 70x100 cm boxes  are home to cats. Instead of throwing out the product boxes, you can cut them off from the prints and easily join the pieces to host our friends.


In fact, it is not far away .. The way we walk on the source of our designs comes from the nature we live in. We so much do care about the nature by also knowing our every need is still in the heart of nature.