It's Time to Welcome 2022 Trends

It's Time to Welcome 2022 Trends

Time passes and the new year is coming… So, it is time to goodbye to this year with thread and thrum and gives a hug to the next year with the excitement of all glories that it will bring to our lives! Every single year rapidly changing interior trends can be hard to keep up but we are ready to help you with this blog.
To achieve this lofty goal, you have so many options and we would like to mention some of them in this blog to open up your horizon and make you ready for the next year. Enjoy it!
Pantone 2022 Eclectic Folk
People tend towards colors, that is the main point of this year and will be for a few years no doubt. Feeling alive and getting a refreshing atmosphere is one of the most highly needed things. Also, the color therapy trend serves the purpose of moving away from the anxiety and pressure of daily life.
It is a known fact that it also promotes positivity and betterment with self-expression. You can go for authentic designs and vintage furniture with eccentric aesthetics and also sustainability feature so your life and living space turn into full of emotional places.
Pastel Danish Aesthetic
The trends for minimalist and black-white colors for interior design will always be high in the interior decoration universe but there is a fact that it’s time for color now as well! Keeping it minimal while still colorful and full of joy is quite possible.
This style presents us with a limitless world with seashell motifs, decorated candles, fluffy pastel-colored rugs, duvet covers, yellow pillows, purple curtains. Go and create a living life!
Embrace the Curves
Curved furniture is here there and everywhere with its rising popularity nowadays. In a well-designed home, they give a comfy vibe and invite you in. From sharp lines, we are now going towards softer edges and hues like lilac, powder pink, deep green.
Small accessories with curved edges such as candles, chairs, and vases are the ones that will keep you energetic all the time and you will catch up with this colorful trend!
The 60s & 70s Funky Style
We are facing nostalgia-focused interior decoration trends for a while. Starting as modern mid-century style, this retro trend is getting changed to the peace and love movement aesthetic in the beginnings of 1960-the 70s.
Current decor trends like rattan furniture and earthy color schemes stem from the retro style and are now emerging from the past in modern ways with neon lights and vivid colors on the walls.
Speak GEN Z
As the distrust of the world and big brands continues to increase, Generation Y and Z are looking for socially responsible, environmentally friendly, fun, small-scale, and local solutions.
Young people, who are driven by political motivations as well as aesthetic preferences, use their purchasing power to protest fast fashion habits that harm the environment.
Women Empowerment
The increasing number of bad incidents which target women in today's world has pushed us all to revolt on this issue. Now, we are more encouraged to speak for spreading gender equality all around the world thanks to social media and other press organs.
When it comes to women's power, the iconic character Frida flashes all of our minds. To stand up this trend with a big passion and represent it in every aspect of your life, you can hang our Frida design on your wall and carry on this unique spirit!
The pandemic has taught many people the concept of “self-love” as a coping skill for the stress of surviving, the worsening of the world each year. So, what exactly is self-love? It is all about putting your own happiness first, making no compromises to satisfy and carry about others, giving yourself time to recharge, relax and learn.
You should go for healthy choices and eat healthily, make healthy relationships and end up the toxic ones. Just show yourself high respect and choose the things that make you feel better. Last but not least, remind yourself “Life is Good”!

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