Summer Isn't Over Yet! Garden and Balcony Decoration Tips

Summer Isn't Over Yet! Garden and Balcony Decoration Tips

To us, the sweetest month of summer is indisputably September. There is nothing comparable to having a good time in the balconies as well as in the gardens in the evenings of September when the air cools, turns into a sweet breeze, and  the wind starts to blow gently. If you are a garden and balcony person and these days we are enjoying the summer, if you want to move the garden and balcony designs you have seen in Pinterest to your own home, these wonderful home decor ideas are just for you!

Summer Isnt Over Yet! Garden And Balcony Decoration Tips

For unstoppable pleasure seekers: Bohemian hammocks

What could be better than lying down in a bohemian hammock you set up in your garden or balcony on a light breezy summer evening through taking your book or tablet ? In order to protect from the sultry weather during the summer we have already deserved to enjoy the hammock chair in clean air after spending time in closed and air-conditioned environments! If you are one of the people who as if feel like on holiday when they see hammock, with a hammock to hang on the balcony railings, trees in your garden or hooks on the ceiling, you can make your space beautiful and create a great excuse to spend time outdoors.If you don't have a place to hang a hammock, you can get a hammock stand that you can easily supply from many places.


Summer Isnt Over Yet! Garden And Balcony Decoration Tips


Fabric sunshades for those who say: "I don't wait for the evening to sit outside."

You don't have to wait for the evening hours to go out to the balcony, the backyard or the terrace when the summer is over. But of course, to spend a quiet and pleasant time in your balcony, terrace or backyard in the afternoon, one of the things you need is a sunshade that will protect you from the sun. Of course we are not talking about ordinary sunshade made of canvas fabric sold in construction markets! At this point, your own handmade fabric will add a soul to the terrace and the back garden and will make a lot more beautiful will look. These cozy looking awnings, which you can make from hippie inspired cheerful fabrics or natural woven covers, are among the most admired decoration trends of this season.


Summer Isnt Over Yet! Garden And Balcony Decoration Tips


Decorative lighting that warms the atmosphere instantly

No matter where you plan to decorate a balcony, terrace or garden, the use of lanterns or sequential led lamps in these places will change the environment at once. In addition to the vintage gas lamps you can find from the second hand shops and flea markets, it is possible to create wonders even with the tiny led lamps used for decorating the Christmas tree.


garden lighting


Both sophisticated and romantic: Stylish Candle Holders

If you enjoy eating in your backyard, on the balcony or on your terrace, or if you are a frequent guest, you can use the design candle holders instead of the usual decorative objects. Especially, you can add a cool air to your balcony or garden by using metal art inspired candle holders.You can find these style candle holders, which you can use with candles in any size, at your dining table, on the balcony or at the corners of the garden, in the candle holder collection of Hoagard.

Cool wall accessories that make balconies a part of the house

In recent years, the garden and balcony decorations we have seen, especially in the decoration accounts on Instagram and Pinterest, are equally good on interior decoration. Elegant seating groups; handmade accessories, a variety of plants and lightings, when we talk about these things, all of us almost want to live in the balcony and garden! If you're living in an apartment in a big city, you can choose accessories such as wall panels and wall ornaments on the balcony or terrace walls to distribute the cold and concrete associative air on your balcony and terrace. Particularly Hoagard bearing and inspired by the nature of the metal wall accessories for balcony walls can be an extremely accurate choice.


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